78 Wakefield Street, Rochester, New Hampshire | 603-332-0107


Acoustic Wednesdays
6-9 pm in the SSA pub. 

Garage bands
most Thurs / Fri / Sat    7-10pm

  Scroll below to see who is sponsoring the series, and for a schedule of upcoming bands ...

Upcoming Music
Wed. @ SSA  pub / Thur-Sat at Garage

Wed. May 24   Tom Emerson  inside 6-9pm @ SSA pub.
Fri. May 26 Guilty Ones 7-10pm
Sat. May 27 Dancing Madly Backwards 7-10pm
Wed., May 24   Wacko Magnet duo  inside 6-9pm @ SSA pub
Thurs. June 1  Redemption Band (reggae) 7-10pm
Fri. June 2 Aunt Peg 7-10pm
Sat. June 3 Hellion 7-10pm
Thurs. June 8 3-Way 7-10pm
Fri. June 9 Folically Challenged 7-10pm
Sat. June 10 Matty and the Penders 7-10pm
Thurs. June 15 TBA 7-10pm
Fri. June 16 Dancing Madly Backwards 7-10pm
Sat. June 17 3-Alarm 7-10pm
Thurs. June 22 Stolen Covers 7-10pm
Fri. June 23 World Famous Toes 7-10pm
Sat. June 24 Hellraizer 7-10pm
Sunday June 25  Seacoast Metal Fest  7-10pm 
Thurs. June 29  Wacko Magnet 7-10pm
Fri. June 30 Robb and Jody 7-10pm
Sat. July 1 Echo Brook 7-10pm
Fri. July 7 Rosie 7-10pm
Sat. July 8 Bad Penny 7-10pm
Thurs. July 13 Texas Pete 7-10pm
Fri. July 14 Feverslip 7-10pm
Sat. July 15 Doxie 7-10pm
Thurs. July 20 Wacko Magnet 7-10pm
Fri. July 21 Folically Challenged 7-10pm
Sat. July 22 Dancing Madly Backwards 7-10pm
Thurs. July 27 Scott Brown and the Diplomats 7-10pm
Fri. July 28 3-Alarm 7-10pm
Sat. July 29 Dave Berry Band 7-10pm
Thurs. Aug. 3 Ed Chalk of the Shifters 7-10pm
Fri. Aug. 4 Stiletto 7-10pm
Sat. Aug. 5  Matty and the Pender’s 7-10pm
Thurs. Aug. 10 Side Walk Soul 7-10pm
Fri Aug. 11 Truffle 7-10pm
Sat. Aug. 12 Rob and Jody 7-10pm
Thurs. Aug. 17 Erin’s Guild 7-10pm
Fri Aug. 18 Dancing Madly Backwards 7-10pm
Sat. Aug. 19  Bad Penny 7-10pm
Thurs Aug. 24  3-Way 7-10pm
Fri. Aug. 25 Feverslip 7-10pm
Sat. Aug. 26 Tempest (Tool tribute) 7-10pm
Sunday Aug. 27 TBA Allies for Change Benefit Concert 7-10pm

Check back soon for remaining schedule!

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Below are few of the 2023 sponsors
who are helping to make
the Outdoor Music Festival possible!

Please support these local businesses ...

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and see what they have going o

JetPack Comics
RSA Realty
First City Cars & Trucks
Broadview Animal Hospital
Holy Rosary Credit Union
Nick Canelos & Garrison City Dental

Wayne Chaloux Custom Auto World
The Rochester Opera House
Spence & Mathews Insurance