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The Governor’s Inn Wedding Planner
A handful of tips that will make the planning of your
Wedding a smooth and enjoyable experience.
Check off each as your progress.
One Year Before
__ Choose the site of your ceremony and reserve with deposit
__ Block off accommodations for your guests
__ Select a photographer…many are booked several months to a year or more in advance
__ Decide on a live band or disc jockey (remember that in addition to providing your music,
he/she will also be your emcee for selection
__ Begin to narrow down your gown selection
__ Choose a videographer (as with photographers, these professionals are also in high demand these days)
__ Book your honeymoon immediately after announcing your engagement
__ Secure your limousine(s)
Discuss possible limitations at your ceremony location (with both your fiancé and the person marrying you):
__ Double ring ceremony
__ Rehearsal date
__ Photography/videography limitations
__ Parking
__ Lighting
__ Length of ceremony
__ Unique plans for your ceremony
__ Planned decorations
__ Kneeling cushions
__ Choice of music
__ Wedding vows
__ Receiving line

Six Months Before
Make sure you’ve contacted and, and when necessary, placed a deposit on:
__ Photographer
__ Limousine
__ Band/DJ
__ Honeymoon accommodations
__ Bridesmaids dresses/flowers
__ Select your invitations/flowers
__ Choose tuxedos
__ Provide your florist with color swatches
__ Create guest lost/figure out invitation quantities
__ Once dresses are chosen, see florists
__ Music for ceremony
__ Wedding dress
__ videographer
__ Bridal registry
__ Confirm date of ceremony
__ Obtain menu and pricing

Three Months Before
__ 50% of reception estimate due
__ Select menu
__ Order invitations and wedding favors
__ Arrange gown fittings
__ Choose head pieces for bridesmaids
__ Rent ceremony/reception items such as special candelabras, arches, kneeling benches, china, utensils, etc
__ Plan rehearsal dinner
__ When necessary begin counseling sessions with person officiating your wedding

Two Months Before
__ Select cake
__ Contact band or disc jockey to confirm music selections
__ Start addressing invitations and announcements
__ Make arrangements for physical exam and any required blood tests
__ Discuss desired photos with your photographer
__ Schedule your final fittings and alterations
__ Confirm all honeymoon reservations
__ Apply for your marriage license

One Month Before
__ Determine room assignments for overnight guests
__ Choose gifts for those in your wedding party
__ Schedule hairdresser appointment
__ Send our invitations
__ If necessary, have wedding rings sized
__ Make arrangements for your name change
(Consider all places where this applies, such as drivers license, passport, bank accounts, credit card, etc)
__ Arrange to move belongings to your new home

Two Weeks before
__ Final count due for reception
__ Create seating arrangements
__ Confirm rehearsal plans and church ceremony
__ Groom’s bachelor party
__ Begin honeymoon packing
__ Make sure florist has correct address for ceremony

The Day Before
__ Manager’s meeting at reception site with final payment
__ Break in your wedding shoes
__ Give best man the payment for officiator
__ Attend rehearsal dinner
__ Give wedding party their gifts
__ Take a deep breath…